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model: Ampbank_pro
at a glance
World's first pocket size powerbank with long retractable charge in and charge out cables and 3 built in adapters which charges any smartphone or tablet
Patent process - complete mobile device charging, connector and cable solution all in 1 device that fits in the palm of your hand - say goodbye to chords and connectors and multiple powerbanks
Pocket size and so thin- 16mm thick - fits in your shirt or pants pockect
Built in 3 adapters (30 pin,lightning,mini usb, micro usb)- charge any smartphone or tablet
High power 5500mAh enough power to fully charge all smartphones on the market today and at least 30% of tablet power capacity
2 usb outs with 1A and 2.1A outputs
Charges 2 mobile devices simultaneously

technical specifications
World's first pocket size powerbank with retractable cables and built in adapters which charges any smartphone or tablet
Li-polymer rechargeable battery capacity: 5500mAh
Built in retractable 50cm USB cable which charges the ampbank
Built in retractable 50cm cable with micro usb connector which charges your mobile device
Built in compartment which houses: 1x micro usb to 30 pin adapter + 1x micro usb to lightning adapter + 1x micro usb to mini usb adapter so that any type of mobile device can be charged
Dual usb ports on the side with output: 1 x 1A + 1 x 2.1A
Input Volts/ Current: DC5V/ 800mA
Output Current: 2.5A(MAX)
Charging time: 8 hours
Life cycle: ≥ 500 times
Patent process
Weight: 222gr
Size: 87.6*16*132mm

born in The Avenue of The Americas, NYC

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